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Best Ankle Support Brace & Plantar Fasciitis Socks

Your feet and ankles are body parts that not only bear the most of your body weight, they’re also constantly moving. This makes them the most vulnerable to injuries, wear-and-tear, and joint pain. At Dr. Arthritis, we stock a diverse range of foot as well as ankle supports, sleeves, socks and braces. Made from premium materials that follow stringent manufacturing standards, our Dr. Arthritis ankle supports are perfect for people suffering from sports injuries like sprains, strains and torn tendons and ligaments and those suffering from arthritis and joint pains that cause swelling and inflammation.

Every purchase of our ankle support braces come with a Dr. Arthritis handbook, which contains important information about arthritis and related joint problems and gives tips on how to lead a healthy and comfortable lifestyle.

  • Black Ankle

    Ankle Compression Sleeve & Dr. Arthritis Handbook (Black)

    $ 14.95
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  • Pink Ankle

    Ankle Compression Sleeve & Dr. Arthritis Handbook (Pink & Grey)

    $ 14.95
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  • Copper Infused Foot Sleeve

    Copper Infused Foot Sleeve [PAIR] & Dr. Arthritis Handbook

    $ 16.95
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  • Copper Infused Foot Sleeve [PAIR] & Dr. Arthritis Handbook (Pink)

    $ 16.95
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  • Copper Lined Ankle Support Brace

    Copper Lined Ankle Support Brace & Dr Arthritis Handbook

    $ 19.95
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Why should I get ankle supports and how do they work

Ankle supports are a great way to relieve foot and ankle joint pain caused by common joint conditions. We offer a few different types suitable for various symptoms and needs. From ankle support braces, foot compression sleeves, to plantar fasciitis socks, we’ve got you covered. So, it’s important to understand which will benefit you the most.

  • Our ankle support sleeve is designed to provide consistent and gentle support and compression for your ankles that makes anything from walking to strenuous exercise less painful as well as minimizing additional injuries or worsening of the condition.
  • Our ankle support braces provide more sturdy support than a sleeve by minimizing too much movement that can cause additional pain and damage.
  • Our foot sleeves and braces serve as effective plantar fasciitis socks and help provide compression to your foot by distributing support evenly in the affected area to reduce pain.

Putting the customer first

Here at Dr. Arthritis, we want to put you first–it’s how we demonstrate how much we value you as a customer. Should there be any issues with your product, we proudly offer a 100% refund, following our no-questions asked policy. We also make sure size exchanges are easy and simple.

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