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The Best Arthritis Gloves to Relieve Painful Flares

The Best Arthritis Gloves to Relieve Painful Flares

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There are more than 100 types of arthritis with the most commonly known ones being rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and psoriatic arthritis. While each kind of arthritis can present with different symptoms, all types can affect the hands. Arthritis in the hand can cause pain and stiffness that limits your ability to get on with simple day to day tasks, and over time, the possibility of losing mobility of your hand is also high. This is where arthritis gloves come in, many health professionals who treat arthritis will recommend these specialized gloves to help with symptoms. Since they are a great medical accessory that can go hand in hand with your medical treatment, arthritis gloves can help alleviate pain and gain better use of your hands, while even improving the range of motions for your fingers.

Whether you’re looking for a pair of gloves that can help reduce the pain in your hands caused by arthritis or conditions with similar symptoms that can affect your hand mobility, read on to discover how specialized gloves can help with arthritis and similar conditions, and which kind of gloves are the best pair of gloves for your needs.

How can arthritis gloves help ease pain and joint stiffness?

Arthritis gloves help alleviate pain and muscle aches by applying compression, providing support to the affected area by reducing swelling and stiffness. Especially in the finger joints to relieve pain on top of maintaining warmth and increasing blood flow to the hands and fingers.

In addition to providing pain relief for arthritis-related symptoms, arthritis gloves are also amazing for improving soft-tissue or sports-related injuries due to their compression properties. While they aren’t a cure for hand and finger mobility, they can improve your grip which makes navigating daily tasks easier when you experience a flare up. However, do keep in mind that these gloves are usually designed to be worn for at least 8 hours, so wearing them for 30 minutes to an hour here and there won’t help.

What are the improvements I can experience from wearing arthritis gloves?

  • The compression effect of arthritis gloves can reduce swelling and help with puffy fingers.
  • The warmth and compression properties of the gloves can alleviate Joint stiffness and pain by increasing the circulation in your hands and fingers.
  • Gloves designed to alleviate pain caused by arthritis and similar conditions can also aid in helping improve your grip when you’re experiencing joint swelling or stiffness in your fingers.

Keep in mind that technically all arthritis gloves have compression properties that can help with relieving pain, but some are more effective than others.  However, depending on the severity of your arthritis symptoms, choosing the best pair of gloves that suit your lifestyle will help target and relieve your arthritis symptoms you’ve been experiencing more effectively. You can find gloves on the market with the following features individually or combined together.

  • Splints for extra support
  • Compression properties to help ease pain and increase blood circulation
  • Heated to reduce inflammation caused by swelling and stiffness
  • Copper-infused to help combat joint inflammation

How can I find the right pair of arthritis gloves that are right for me?

Like any medical treatments, arthritis gloves aren’t a one size fits all solution. However, it doesn’t hurt to invest in a pair to see if they provide any relief. Buying a pair of gloves to ease arthritis flare ups on your hands is kind of like finding a pair of shoes that fit just right, you need to shop around to find features that work best for you and your lifestyle habits. We’ve provided some guidelines below to make your search for the perfect pair of gloves easier:

  • Fit: Look for a pair of gloves that fit just right or are adjustable, or else the compression properties won’t work properly if the fit isn’t right.
  • Fabric: Remember when we said wearing your arthritis gloves for a few hours here and there won’t make much of a difference? Choose gloves with breathable fabric for optimum comfort, this ensures that you’ll actually want to wear them. Also, gloves with stiffer fabric have the tendency to limit your range of motion and may get in the way of your day-to-day activities.
  • Fingers: While there is nothing wrong with full-finger gloves, they may make gripping things a little more challenging. The good news is the majority of arthritis gloves are fingerless, which gives you the most freedom when you’re wearing them during the day.
  • Heat therapy: Gloves with heat features are great for soothing swollen and inflamed joints on your fingers.

Here at Doctor Arthritis, we offer a comprehensive selection of premium quality arthritis and compression gloves designed by doctors with first-hand experience in managing pain and inflammation associated with arthritis and similar conditions that affect the joints and mobility of the hands. Check out our range of arthritis and compression gloves today for a non-invasive solution that can go hand in hand with your medical treatment!




Medically reviewed by Dr Adam Gunasekara. He is the Co-Founder of Doctor Arthritis. He graduated from The Imperial College London with an MBBS (MD) - The article was written by the Dr. Arthritis Editorial Team.

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