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The Dr. Arthritis Compression Gloves  are extremely effective in the treatment and management of hand arthritis and related conditions; it is arguably the best arthritis gloves on the market. Dr. Arthritis prides itself on producing the best product, incorporated with the latest technology and material, as well as providing the most up to date information on hand conditions and backing this up with superb customer service and support. Conditions beneficial with this glove include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, Raynaud’s phenomenon, carpal tunnel syndrome, Dupytren’s contracture, and soft tissue and sports related injuries and fatigue.

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31 reviews for Premium Compression Gloves & Dr. Arthritis Handbook

  1. Amanda

    Love these gloves. I did get a small, I do have small hands, and there is still a bit of room in the palm area. I figured after washing they will shrink a bit. Super warm, super comfy. I am looking for some more gives with grips, as these are somewhat slippery on certain things. Then again I can just use puffy paint and make my own grips. L

  2. dayanara bocanegra

    it helps with my wrist pain

  3. Ellen C. Hehn

    great smell, lovely. Ellie

  4. s holverson

    Great gloves!

  5. Frances Seng


  6. Kindle Customer

    I have had a number of work related issues with my right hand. Carpal tunnel and now the beginnings of arthritis. I have tried other compression gloves and thought this one would be better since it covers most of my fingers. I also liked the handbook that came with the gloves. It provides good information about arthritis and what you can do in terms of over the counter medication and exercises.

  7. Anne H. Sumey

    Just got these for mild arthritis in my hands, after having researched many other brands. They are well made, comfortable, breathable, and flexible enough to wear while doing tasks. The tag on the inside ( at the wrist area ) is a little irritating after wearing them for a while, but I just turn the fabric inside out, and voila! If someone is wearing these for wrist issues though, it might be a problem…

    I went with a small in this brand, since my measurements ( across the palm / at my knuckles ) was 3 1/2 inches. Honestly, I could even use more compression! However, they help tremendously… I just got done pulling weeds for hours in my garden, and wish I had worn these under my garden gloves! I’m wearing them now, and the relief was almost instant. I’m considering buying another pair to wear for ‘dirty jobs’.

  8. Sandy

    I have been having swelling and pain in my fingers. I ordered these based on the good reviews. I have been wearing them to sleep in and around the house to do chores and to drive in. I’ve not been able to type in them very well, but wearing them for as many hours a day as I have been has helped them feel better when typing. I have also been doing the hand exercises that are included in the booklet that comes with the gloves and they are really helping as well. Would highly recommend!

  9. BETH C

    I must says I’am very impressed with these gloves. I would not of believed they work so well, if I didn’t try them myself. First of all they couldn’t of come at a better time ,because I was in pain to start with so a real test could be made. I put them on for the 8 hours to start as it says. Then took it off. to feel a difference. There was a big difference! The pain came back with them off. So day two I also did the exercises My hand has been feeling better by day two and with the gloves off the pain isn’t so strong, still there but doesn’t hurt as much. So still wearing them and improving everyday. I have nothing bad to say about these really. I love them and say you too must try them. They fit true to size measurement. I love the book that comes with it too. Doctor Developed Arthritis Compression Gloves and DOCTOR WRITTEN HANDBOOK -Relieve Arthritis Symptoms, Raynauds Disease & Carpal Tunnel (M)

  10. aiv

    Just had these for 2 days so cannot attest to how long they will last but they seem to be made well. So far they have not made any difference in the pain and may not affect that much but they do help keep the swelling in my hands down and that helps reduce some of the stiffness. I turned mine inside out so the seams are not against my skin and that is more comfortable for me because my skin is sensitive. I have short fingers but wide hands and usually have difficulty finding gloves large enough to fit my hands and then the fingers are way too long. I measured my palms and purchased the size Medium and the fit is very comfortable and since these don’t cover the finger tips that is a plus for me though they do come further towards the ends of my fingers than the ones in the photo. So be certain to go by the measurements provided and not your usual glove size.
    The fabric is 80% cotton and spandex for stretch so there is no funky odor from other synthetics. Because of the open fingertips I can use my touch screen electronics while wearing them.

  11. Rosemary A. Habers

    I recently ordered a pair of Doctor Arthritis’ compression gloves from Amazon. I received the gloves and discovered a small hole in the side of the right glove. It hasn’t cause any problem for me. I wrote a review stating I love them and mention the hole purely as a complete description. I have worn the gloves many times and the hole hasn’t gotten any bigger. With the hole not getting any bigger I think it shows the high quality of these gloves. Cheap gloves would surely have continued to rip and been unusable after the first few wearing’s. I received an e- mail shortly after my review from Victoria apologizing for the hole and stating she found that unacceptable and even offered to replace them. I was surprised and thrilled to find a company that actually reads the reviews consumers write and stands behind their products this way. I will certainly make this the first company I order from when I need this type of product in the future. I have always had trouble finding the right size gloves because I am overweight and the stated sizes never fit right. I ordered the size recommended on the size chart and they fit perfectly. Not only that but they are extremely comfortable and supportive. I can wear these gloves all day and my hands not only feel better but don’t hinder any movements. The open finger tips make it easy to pick things up and the gloves do not cause my hands to sweat and stay cool, almost like I’m not wearing any.

  12. CA Reviewer

    I got this for my mil who is over 90 years old and has been complaining about joint pain in her hands. The dr only mentioned that it was arthritis and to take Advil or Aleve at night — which didn’t really work, plus need to keep an eye of the side affects to taking those types of meds long term. The pain would literally wake her up at nights and after reading the reviews, decided to give this product a try. Figured it can’t hurt, right – haha. So as soon as it was delivered, I told her to wear it at night and let’s just see what happens. I just mentioned that it works for some but not for all. But it won’t hurt to try it out. We also took a look a the booklet and saw that they also had some exercises to do. Great, she can do some of those as well.

    First night, she said it was the first time she slept throughout the night. No thumb pain waking her up. Didn’t take any pain meds either. Second day, same, no pain. She loves these gloves and is now using it every night. We’ll see how long it will work, but also mentioned to her to try some of the exercises. It’s been almost a week and she doesn’t have pain in the evenings nor during the day. I also noticed that her hands didn’t seem as swollen as before.

    Glad it works, now trying to find something for her hip pain. Thanks for such a great product.

  13. John

    work great! Keeps my hands warm and the compression really helps my hands. I use them while I work! It is great to type with less pain!

  14. Ross1

    I purchased these gloves for my wife because she has arthritic hands. She loves these gloves and claims that they work great. If and when she wears them out I will certainly buy her another pair of the same brand. These gloves are highly recommended for people with arthritic hands and for other hand problems that require compression. My wife wears these gloves while sleeping and wakes up feeling great. I can’t believe that I purchased something that actually works!

  15. Luke

    These gloves come in a box and are made of a light weight material. The compression on these are not too tight and the fingerless design allows one to wear them while doing other tasks. I would recommend these to anyone who has arthritis or joint problems.

  16. 3boysmom

    Fast delivery, item as described. The gloves are smooth and strong at the same time.
    update: after use for almost two weeks, I find that these are very good for the conditions that I have: osteoarthritis, irritated carpal tunnel and trigger finger.
    they hold my wrists and fingers tightly in a fashionable way. I tried so many so far, and honestly at work I feel odd when everyone who sees me asks me about my hands because of the look of the gloves that I wear. These are different. I only wish that they come in different colors.
    Also, they have great customer service. mine had a rip (I’m not sure whether this is because I need Medium instead of Small or whether it’s due to the workmanship), and they offered me a replacement. I’ll try the medium this time, and will re-order when needed for sure.

  17. Debra Young

    I’m glad I waited a while before rating these gloves. They are light & feel like Tee shirt cotton. I was sure they wouldn’t do anything. They are comfortable, not tight. I thought perhaps I mismeasured & purchased the wrong size. WRONG. I have been wearing them every night & sometimes during the day. I am amazed at how much better my fingers feel. I have trigger finger caused by mild arthritis in several fingers. These gloves have made my hands warm & mobility has increased. I love them.

  18. L. King

    These gloves are wonderful for my hands…the compression eases my pain.. the warmth of the material soothes my sore muscles..They are the perfect answer! I have them and have ordered them as gifts for 2 friends. =And the price is very reasonable!


    The customer service was great, the gloves didn’t help me, but I have also not been told by a doctor that I have any of the ailments that the gloves are supposed to help, so I can’t fault the gloves for not helping when I don’t know what is wrong with me to begin with. For the price, it was worth a try. The gloves are good quality and the booklet gives you exercises to help.

  20. JD

    Great gloves for arthritic hands. Keeps them warm and helps reduce swelling. They are slightly tighter than the comparable Isotoner Therapeutic Open-Finger Gloves. I highly recommend them.

  21. lohycore

    These gloves have worked exactly as described by both the seller and positive customer reviews. I wear them at night to help with my arthritis, which has led to better sleep more often, and less problems at work the next day. The only small complaint I have is that the largest size is XL. I need a 2XL, like I do in any other glove. Squeezing my 2XL hands into the XL gloves tears them up really fast.

  22. Rebecca Staunton

    I have osteoarthritis in my hands and I like these gloves. The compression is good after gardening and a lot of work with my hands, they helped with the discomfort. But haven’t needed to use them a lot this summer, looking forward to see how they work during the winter season, this will be the real test!
    Thank you

  23. Gary Ostreicher

    Best compression and the gloves
    cover everything but the finger tips.

    Perfect design and price.

  24. Vontulip

    These are really nice compression gloves. I like that they cover most of the finger. I was trying to find a glove that wasn’t bulky and wasn’t made out of that stinky neoprene. These are cotton and spandex. I really like them.

  25. A Jerry Walsh

    Great product plus doing the exercises in the booklet they send you reduced my hand pain in two days.

  26. K A

    My wife loves her new gloves, she is able to have some relief from her pain in her hands and is able to do more with them on and even after she has had them on for a while and take them off. They help with swelling and the pressure she gets from them feels great. If you are looking for a pair of arthritis glovesnthese are the ones! Wonderful purchase.

  27. K

    I can’t say enough how much I love these! I’ve been in agony for 3 weeks due to bruising and swelling. within a week of using these everyday I’m finally able to move my fingers without tearing up.

  28. Regina Dyer

    Received my Dr. Arthritis Gloves right away. They have been very helpful keeping my hands from becoming stiff and swollen. I wear them while watching TV and may soon get another pair for driving. I will also take them to movies as my hands seems to flare up when they’re idle or gripping the steering wheel. Good product! They’re comfortable and not bulky.

  29. Patricia Lansloot-Chevalier

    I bought the gloves on amazon. I just received the gloves. Ordered them yesterday. Fast shipping. The size is good- cant tell much yet except that some threads were getting off of the gloves. Hopefully the seams are strong enough. Looking at other reviews it seems so…i’ll see

  30. Pamela Linley

    Dear Victoria,
    My original comment was commending your product as the only glove on market worth a darn including Tommy Copper! I own a Historical Registry Landmark Hunting Lodge outside of Tulsa Oklahoma. We do original “Historical” 1880’s-1940’s Mystery Dinner Theater-Galas for the
    UN! I am extremely active and 3 years ago on top of RA I developed “Extreme Bursitis”. I love my large potted garden it is a my serenity and passion! I over did it one day and all my bursa sacks burst in all joints of my left hand and elbow! My Dr. was stunned at the size of my hand! It looked like it was going to burst! I found a pair of my husbands weight lifting gloves and tried them! The compression helped the pain issues. Once it went down close to normal I bought Tommy Copper! They are worthless! The cheaper TV version is better. I have had to buy a new pair every other month over the last 3 years, Sewing them back together often. The fabric was so flimsy they often were not sew able! It was embarrassing to have to wear them outside of work! I had to though for pain etc! Through diet, exercise, and using tens, my arthritis joint swelling is almost gone! With your gloves I know I will win the battle! Being wise I know I will continue to use them continuously through my
    active life to prevent it from getting out of control again! I am so grateful to have found you! I will be your greatest endorser, trust
    me as I travel the country for my company Experience America’s West (Expaw) I will be wearing your gloves! Lol! Wish you made them in red!
    You are welcome to use my statement.
    Carpe’ Diem,
    Pamela Fairchild Linley

  31. Diana Garcia

    Great gloves!!! My pain has decreased by so much I love them

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