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Doctor Developed Joint Care Advanced - The All in One Joint Supplement for Healthy Joints

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Formulated by doctors who are experts in joint health. Specifically designed to support healthy joints.

Importantly our supplement is:

  • Made in the USA
  • Made in an FDA registered facility
  • Made at GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Facility
  • Uses non-GMO ingredients
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We understand the pathophysiology behind joint conditions and know what works for our patients. Combine this supplement with your compression product for ultimate pain relief and joint health
Supplement Facts
Glucosamine Helps with pain, protects cartilage deterioration, and improves joint function.
Chondroitin Helps slow down joint ageing, reduce pain and inflammation, improve joint function and keep cartilage healthy.
Collagen Peptides Helps decrease joint pain and improve overall bone and joint health.
CurQLife (Curcuma) Traditionally used to treat inflammatory conditions; helps reduce pain, inflammation and stiffness.
Hyaluronic Acid Helps reduce and relieve inflammation caused by the wear and tear of cartilage and bone in worn joints.
MSM Helps form connective tissues in the body and even reduce arthritis pain and lower inflammation.
Collage Type II A primary protein in cartilage that is crucial for joint health and function.
Vitamin D Helps bones absorb calcium better; crucial for muscle movement, facilitates better never function, and aids in fighting inflammation.
Vitamin C Aids in building connective tissue and supports collagen synthesis.
Manganese Trace mineral essential for strong bones, joints and connective tissue formation
Boswellia Extract Reduces inflammation and acts as an analgesic that may help manage pain symptoms, minimize inflammation, and prevent cartilage loss
Goji Extract Helps fight against free radicals, which can cause inflammation.
Black Pepper Extract Reduces inflammation that can help reduce joint pain and swelling.
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